Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Really Am Still Here...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it has been since June that I have written a proper post!  I could get into all the "life" reasons for this but the god's honest truth of it is, like so much else, out of sight out of mind.  So, this is me, setting my sights back on this space.  I have missed it, I have often had the thought "I need to write about this..." but one thing or another got in the way and it just didn't happen.

The quick round up of what's been going on in the kitchen of late...

* I am loving these two sweet new cookbooks I scored recently by volunteering at The Book Larder

*  This cranberry chutney is finding its way into many a snack in these parts.  Cheese and crackers, well add some cranberry chutney and your mouth with be oh-so happy

*  I got my first ever "help desk" request last weekend when the following text came through...
Dear kitchen dweller, chutney ready to put into jars but not sure in the sterile procedure! Love Nick... One of 2 microbiologists in the family. Please help.This made my day and was made even better by receiving a jar of said chutney a few days later

*  I successfully packed snacks for a road trip to and from Utah which had my friend and myself eating out exactly ONCE the entire time while on the road. But that one meal out at the Buffalo Chip Cafe for breakfast was so worth it.  I do love a road trip and good snacks along the way

*  Pickled pears... sure and thank you!  When your friend offers you the bounty from her asian pear tree, resistance is futile folks

*  There was one marathon prep session for our annual church bake sale, in which our wee little community raised nearly $1,000

*  The last of my summer tomatillos have been enjoyed as salsa verde

*  Fermentation abounds, kraut and this delish asian-ish fermented salad

* I am totally drooling over vintage cooling racks like this and these

I have truly missed this space and look forward to sharing some more kitchen adventures with you all very soon!

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African Kelli said...

Those books look so great! I'm glad you are back.