Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well, Hello Again...

Over the weekend I had the chance to create this space, a place to house the crazy number of cookbooks that I have collected over the years. It is a true weakness for me, I can't seem to pass up a cookbook without feeling a strong pull to pick it up and leaf through the pages. I am a sucker for cookbooks with lovely pictures and backstories to the recipes. I pile these books up on my bedside table, the coffee table and kitchen counter, all waiting patiently for their turn to be thumbed through and daydreamed over. If you were to stop by my house, you'd likely find at least one, spread open somewhere accompanied by a notebook and cup of something warm and steamy. I have never considered myself a creative person, but am slowly coming to see that I need to make something from the ingredients in my kitchen the way a sculptor needs to mold clay or a composer needs to marry notes together. It is as much a need to make for the sake of making as it is a desire to share and nurture with my people. It is my I Love You. The cookbooks are my inspiration board, they are my go-to for ideas on new or refreshed ways to pull together flavors that I can sense tingling in my mouth. To have a place at hands reach right in my kitchen for my collection makes me so very happy. Over the last few days I find myself catching this view with each pass into and out of the kitchen and smiling big.

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