Monday, November 17, 2008

A Room with a View

I just returned home from a beautiful walk with a friend, and am now looking out my kitchen windows to the most magnificent sunny fall day. What is making the scene just right, is the lack of leaves that were blanketing our yard Friday afternoon as I left for a weekend away with friends. Apparently Music Man got inspired, recruited the help of Guru and Sunshine, and together they all raked, blew leaves and cleaned up the entire yard. It looks fabulous now, especially on the wonderful fall day we are having. We are blessed with an exceptionally large lot of land surrounded by trees which translates into lots and lots of leaves every fall. Until the next wind blows though, things are looking beautiful out there!!!

I was away this weekend with an incredible group of women to celebrate with a friend who is about to get married. The time was spent knitting, reading, sharing amazing meals together, playing games and most importantly sharing our thoughts and dreams with her on her upcoming marriage. This is the second such weekend I have been blessed to experience, both of which have come for me after nearly 14 years of marriage, both of which taught me more about what it means to share a life with someone than I had figured out on my own in those 14 years. There is something so inspiring for me about being with women who are living life with purpose, passion and a commitment to their communities. I am honored to walk among them.

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